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Invisibile Window with a glass-only surface  is our most advanced project, funded by EC through H2020 SME Instrument Phase 1,  ready for industrial production. The profile (in aluminum, wood or GRFP) inside  the double-glazed unit replaces the frame. Superior to the ones at the same thermal and acoustic insulation level for air and water tightness and for resistance to wind action. Price lower than that of doors and windows of the same level. European Patent 3071775.

Munsta, dynamic insulation coat operated by users during seasons’ change. It prevents summer overheating of the building (2,5 degrees less) and humiddity in winter.

A small mullion for wooden or GFRP facades, which allows large glass surfaces, using Invisible Window technology.

The first Tensegrity floor, light transparent and modular, ideal for archaeological areas and post-earthquake reconstruction of historical heritage. It cad become a screen for dialoguing with other sites or illustrating missing object in 3D graphics.             

Rib protectors with higher shock absorption capabilities than those currently used by professional go-cart riders and as motorcycling and extreme sports clothing.